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The Sports Core Network is a dynamic platform that caters to sports enthusiasts, providing comprehensive coverage of all things sports-related. As the new #1 in Sports, it offers a variety of engaging content for fans across different sports leagues.

Sports Core Podcast: This podcast delves into the latest sports news, player updates, and game analyses.

SCN TV: With a collection of videos, SCN TV brings you exciting moments, highlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses from various sports events. From NBA to UFC, you’ll find captivating content here.

SCN Power Rankings: SCN ranks teams across different leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Stay updated on the performance of your favorite teams.

Sports Core Money Picks: sounds like a team or company that specializes in sports betting across various sports, teams, and players. Their expertise likely involves analyzing game statistics, player performance, and other relevant factors to make informed betting predictions.

Sports Core Network (SCN)’s expert sports personalities who bring their passion and insights to the forefront:

Dakota Radden: With a keen eye for sports analysis, Dakota dives deep into game strategies, player performances, and team dynamics. His thoughtful commentary keeps fans engaged and informed.

Godstar: A name synonymous with sports expertise, Godstar shares valuable perspectives on various leagues and events. Whether it’s breaking down stats or predicting outcomes, Godstar’s knowledge shines through.

Todd Boyd: Todd’s charismatic presence on the Sports Core Podcast makes every episode a must-listen. His witty banter and thoughtful discussions add flavor to the sports world.

Jason Slack: Jason’s knack for storytelling brings sports narratives to life. From historical moments to current matchups, he weaves captivating tales that resonate with fans.

Rob Hollin: Rob’s passion for sports transcends the screen. His in-depth interviews with athletes and coaches provide unique insights, making him a trusted voice in the SCN community.

Sports Core Radio is a sports radio show affiliated with the Sports Core Network (SCN). As a partner of Vision Live Radio, Sports Core Radio brings you live coverage, discussions, and insights related to sports. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for some sports banter, tune in to Sports Core Radio for an exciting lineup of content!

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