A Sports Network that covers everything Sports. Get all the updates on everything happening in the sports world. Sports Core Round Table and Sports Dynasty are 2 shows that have been announced for the network. The Sports Core Report consist of beat writers and news reporters for the Network.

The Sports Core Report are a group of beat writers, news reporters, and journalist that work for the Sports Core Network.

Robert Hollin and Jason Slack got started in the halls of Columbia SC. Upon meeting each other, their first conversation was about basketball. With Hollin being a Lebron James fan and Slack being a Michael Jordan fan, the sports rivalry took place instantly. Both being passionate about sports, the battles began to happen more frequently. Before you knew it, both Hollin and Slack were surrounded by a big audience just to hear them talk. With the crowds getting bigger, they both decided it was time to take it to the big stage. Now everyone can witness this rivalry on the weekly podcast, the sports Dynasty: Hollin vs Slack.

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